Partners for Rural Improvement and Development in Ethiopia


Your participation in the work of PRIDE through your interest and tax-deductible contribution makes a difference.  It allows children to get an education otherwise unavailable to them.  It helps communities lay the groundwork to break the cycle of poverty by improving education and quality of life.

$45buys a two seater student desk

$50buys a chalk board for a class room

$80buys a donkey for use by rural school teachers

$365provides a school toilet

$440provides living quarters for a rural teacher

$605covers the cost of upgrading an existing school building

$775builds a class room for 50 students

$780buys a year's school supply for 200 students

$1135caps a natural spring which supplies safe drinking water to a school

Please click on the link above to donate to PRIDE.

Or, you may send your donation to:


    c/o John Putnam

    Kaplan, Kirsch & Rockwell LLP

    1675 Broadway, Suite 2300

    Denver, CO 80202


Partners for Rural Improvement and Development in Ethiopia (PRIDE) 

Changing the face of poverty one village at a time.